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Excite Points

A loyalty program rewards customers for their loyalty and provides you with valuable customer information. It is a great way to encourage your customers to visit your business and spend more while providing you with valuable insights about customer behavior and spending patterns.

How Excite Points Work?

8excite's Loyalty Program allows you to award your clients with Excite Points which can be assigned to your products, services, vouchers and more. Your customers will be able to earn points each time they purchase a product or service with points allocated to it and use those points to redeem bargains, discounts, vouchers or freebies.

Why Active Excite Points?
Gain Customer Insights

Discover who your loyal customers are and understand their spending patterns, preferences and how often they visit your business to anticipate sales trends and know when to best deploy targeted marketing to boost sales.

Boost Sales and Business Growth

Reward your customers the more they spend. You get to earn more while your customers save more, increasing sales and customer retention as well as growing your business.

Mobile Marketing

As businesses are focusing more on building an online presence, you can deliver promotions and discount straight to your customers' mobile devices, while allowing them to earn points as well.

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